Hotline: 415-285-1011

Direct Action to Stop the War Legal


Thanks to everyone who took to the streets to demonstrate against the war. Your actions were beautiful and inspiring. If you were arrested, please check out our arrestees page for details on how you can fight your case.

Legal Hotline for Actions


This number will be available on the days of action to track arrests and deal with legal emergencies. If you are arrested, see arrests, or incidences of police misconduct, let us know!

About DASW Legal

DASW Legal is a collective of activists, lawyers, and legal workers dedicated to making the March 15th and 19th anti-war demonstrations a success. DASW Legal works to transform the demoralizing experience of arrest and incarceration into an empowering one.

What we will do:

  • Train activists before the protests
  • Provide "Know Your Rights" information
  • Provide legal forms for affinity groups to use
  • Provide materials on documenting injuries and police misconduct
  • Staff a hotline - 415.285.1011 - during the protests
  • Dispatch legal observers during the protests
  • Track people in jail to make sure everyone gets out
  • Provide emergency support to people who are having a crisis in jail
  • Help people who are not released from jail for any reason
  • Arrange free lawyers through the first court appearance
  • Arrange free or cheap lawyers thereafter
  • Organize a meeting for arrestees in Oakland on March 24th, and SF on March 30th
  • Maintain a listserv for arrestees
  • Maintain a website -

What we can't do:

  • Handle bail/bond - we can't raise funds, arrange bail, or otherwise deal with money
  • Provide logistical support for people as they are released from jail (rides, food, medical/emotional support)
  • Provide free representation after first court appearance (most cases are resolved by then anyway)
  • Make legal decisions for you - we will give information, but in the end, your actions are your own